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Missy and Jeff moved to the property in 2016. Missy is a nurse and loves to tinker with things. She can rebuild a carburetor, tend to the mators and tators out in the garden, and paint you a beautiful panorama all in a day. Don't care for paintings? She'll sculpt you a gnome out of concrete, a wizard out of a log or anything you can dream of in clay. Creative and caring as all get out. Jeff is a Navy Vet and former (if there is such a thing!) wildlife biologist who just wants to be outside! The running joke of his friends was that Jeff was 'going to open a forest someday.' Smart friends! We love the property and always have projects going on... from building better chicken coops and yard games to making nest boxes and planting trees. Maybe there's a project we can work on together!

Since the day we moved onto the property, there have always been folks just stopping by and wanting to stay a bit. Heck, a couple of them even had their weddings out here. We have loved every minute of it. As we approach retirement (fingers crossed!), we have decided to keep that tradition going and improve on it by opening up Buffalo Creek Bluffs for camping and such. We're looking to build a diverse community of summer and winter seasonal guests. Folks that would like to have a home away from home, enjoy the property as much as we do, and turn it into something everyone wants to come home to. Give us a call or shoot us an email to set up a time to come out for a visit and see if it's the right place for you!


We'd love to have ya'!

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