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Policies and Rules

  • Reservations are required for all campsites and property visits are by appointment only. Onsite manager is available for site visits everyday from 9am-8pm. 

  • Check-in for all guests is between 3-7pm. All guests and visitors must check-in with host prior to occupying a campsite (i.e., call ahead with arrival time and a host will meet you at the entrance).

    • Weekly guests will have the site from Monday evening to the following Monday morning.​


  • Check-out for all guests is 1pm. Buffalo Creek Bluffs (BCB) will make every effort possible to accommodate our guests’ schedule for check-in and check-out.

  • No refunds for early departures.

  • To ensure we can provide the solitude and privacy of our guests' and minimize the campground's impact to natural resources, our maximum capacity for the campground is 21 people.

Camping Rigs

  • BCB allows RVs, Tiny Homes on Wheels (registered as RVs) and Park Models. Other camper rigs may be allowed upon prior approval. However, since we are a small, family run campground, we highly recommend that you come out to see the campground prior to making your reservation to ensure your vehicle is a good fit (literally!) for the campsite and that we can offer you the experience you are hoping for. If you can’t come out for a visit, give us a call or shoot us an email and we’ll discuss the campsites and any questions you might have before you make your reservation.


  • Guests must provide their own water regulators, electrical surge protectors and heated water and septic hoses (for winter stays). BCB is not responsible for frozen/burst water lines, blown breakers or clogged septic lines on the guest's rig. Dumping of grey or black water to the ground is a violation of state law and may lead to removal from the campground.


  • Unless specifically designed for winter use, exterior water filters are not permitted during winter months.


  • Any skirting placed on campers must first be approved by BCB.


  • There are no bath/shower facilities at the campground, so guests should plan accordingly. It is against Iowa State law to dump gray or black water onto the ground. Guests will be asked to leave immediately should such dumping occur. No refunds will be provided for expulsions.

Other Vehicles

  • Two (2) cars/trucks are permitted to park at each RV campsite. Each vehicle must be parked on the parking pad dedicated to each campsite (i.e., you must detach your rig from the tow vehicle once you are set up). Vehicles (including ATVs, golf carts, etc.) cannot be parked on or along the main drive or grass areas outside the visitor parking area.


  • A small visitor parking area is provided free of charge. No storage of, or dilapidated vehicles are permitted and no automotive work/repairs are to take place on the property. Parking anywhere in the campground is at your own risk and BCB cannot be held liable for any damage that may occur.


  • No washing of any vehicles or campers is permitted in the campground.


 Golf Carts, ATVs, UTV s and Bicycles

  • Guests are welcome to enjoy bicycling our trails.

  • Each campsite is permitted to have a single golf cart, ATV or UTV (no 3-wheelers or off-road motorcycles without BCB approval) for use in transport or ‘leisurely drives’ only. Exceptions may be made to the single vehicle policy prior to arriving to the property. Taking a nice, slow ride on a quiet vehicle through the forest and along the stream, while being respectful of other guests and the property is absolutely fine and encouraged at BCB; however, any aggressive use of these vehicles (e.g., excessive speed, rutting up the trails, driving through the streams, driving off trail, showboating) is not permitted.


  • All drivers of motorized vehicles must provide BCB with copy of the vehicles’ registration, proof of insurance and a valid driver’s license (or permit) of all operators. A copy of these will be kept on file at BCB during your stay. Children under 18 wishing to operate any vehicle other than a golf cart, must also provide proof of attending and passing an Iowa approved ATV rider’s course (Official Iowa ATV Safety Course Online | Drivers of side-by-side vehicles (including golf carts) must be 14 years of age and licensed (or have a learner’s permit if under 16). No one under the age of 14 is permitted to drive 4-wheelers on-site. Exceptions may be made in designated areas for children with safety gear, parental supervision and a vehicle specifically designed for children.


  • Each vehicle passenger must have an actual seat and vehicles cannot transport more people or equipment than it is designed to carry. No passengers may ride on/in trailers.

  • No snow mobile, off-road motorcycle or 3-wheeler use is allowed on-site without prior BCB approval.

  • All vehicles must be well maintained, quiet and have appropriate, functional safety equipment (e.g., seatbelts, headlights, parking brakes). Low beam headlights must be on while riding. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by registered, licensed adult guest (over 18) while driving on-site. 

  • All bicycles, golf carts, ATVs and UTVs must abide by the 10 MPH speed limit, stay in/on designated parking areas, roads and trails (off the grass) and give right-of-way to other vehicles and pedestrians. No vehicles are permitted on the beaches or in Buffalo Creek. 

  • Absolutely no driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • BCB reserves the right to prohibit specific people from operating these vehicles and/or to ban specific vehicles. Any violation of these rules/policies will result in immediate expulsion from BCB. No refunds will be provided to guests that are asked to leave the premises.


    Boats and Watercraft

  • Motorized boat and paddle boat use are not permitted at the campground. However, trailers with these and other vehicles (not for use in our campground) may be parked in the guest parking area at no charge to registered guests with prior approval of BCB.

  • Kayaks, canoes, tubes and certain other non-motorized recreational craft are allowed for use on Buffalo Creek, but no watercraft or swimming is permitted in the fishpond.


Campsites and Campground

  • All RV campsites have electric (30/50 amp), water and septic hook-ups (1500 gallon septic tanks).


  • Solar, wind and/or other approved (quiet, odorless) alternative energy sources are welcomed and encouraged at BCB. However, generators and use of running vehicles and other loud machinery for extended periods of time to charge batteries or run devices will not be permitted and are absolutely prohibited during quiet hours.


  • Guests will be responsible for general upkeep of the campsite, their camper and any of their own improvements to the site. Campsites must be maintained in a clean and orderly fashion. Trash and food items must be kept in animal proof containers (if outside). Grills and cook items must be maintained and cleaned after each use to discourage unwanted pests and accidental, dangerous encounters with wildlife.




  • The campground contains many edible plants, fruit/nut trees (e.g., apple, plum, walnut) and mushrooms. Guests are welcome to harvest these resources for use during their stay. Morels are limited, so we also ask that you ‘at least offer’ to share the bounty if you stumble across some! BCB may restrict some harvest to ensure future viability of the resources. Guests are not permitted to collect these resources for anything other than personal use on-site (i.e., no sales or harvesting to take home or for others). Guests are responsible for correct identification of resources (especially mushrooms) and knowing what is edible/medicinal. BCB is not liable for any negative interactions with the flora and fauna of the campground.


   Campsite Improvements

  • Improvements to campsites such as decks, sheds and landscaping may be allowed for seasonal guests only, at their own expense and if approved by BCB prior to installation. Removal of improvements at the end of the contract period are addressed in the rental agreement. Some improvements may require state and local permits and have to go through the permitting process prior to work beginning. All permits, scheduling and associated costs are the responsibility of the guest and must be in place prior to any work beginning on-site. BCB must be kept in the loop throughout the process and must approve start dates and time frames for construction.

  • Guest is responsible for maintaining all improvements in clean, working order.

  • Gardens (communal or otherwise) will be limited to designated areas, but not permitted within the actual campsites. Exceptions may be made for small, raised garden beds at the discretion of BCB.

  • Composting of human and/or animal waste (i.e., feces, urine) is not permitted at BCB. Composting is not allowed at individual campsites without BCB approval. Composting of food scraps and yard waste may be permitted in designated areas. Guest is responsible for tending and maintaining any compost site. Unkempt, poorly maintained or odor producing compost that disrupts the aesthetics of the campground will be removed at the guest’s expense. Compost sites must be removed by guest at their own expense upon departure.


  • Guests may not trim, cut or otherwise alter any trees, shrubs or non-woody plants in their campsite or in the campground without prior approval by BCB.


    Campground Maintenance

  • BCB will maintain the lawn and main driveway (including snow removal from parking pads if vehicles are removed during snow removal). Mowing generally occurs on Wednesday and Thursday evenings and campsites should be cleaned up to ensure mower access and maneuvering.

Quiet Hours

  • Weekends (Friday, Saturday and evenings before state/federal Holidays) –11pm-8am

  • Weekdays (non-holidays Sunday-Thursday) – 10pm-7am


Children (under 18), Visitors and Pets

  • Registered guests are responsible for their children, visitors and pets. Which one’s you decide to put on leashes is up to you! Yes, we are kidding! However, all three are the responsibility of, and must be supervised by the registered guests.

  • Children must be at assigned campsites during quiet hours unless accompanied by an adult registered at BCB.

  • Children under the age of twelve must be accompanied by, and actively supervised by an adult (over 18) at all times.

  • Each campsite has a maximum capacity of three people unless otherwise approved by BCB. BCB must be notified of non-registered guests. Visitors must park in the visitor’s parking area if no spot is available at guest's parking pad. No driving or parking on the grass is permitted. Registered guests may inform BCB upon arrival of visitors or when making reservations. There is a $10 dollar fee/night/visitor for overnight visitors. All overnight visitors must check-in with BCB. Visitors are not permitted during quiet hours unless staying overnight.

  • No more than two outdoor pets are allowed per campsite. Indoor cats or other pets that do not leave the camper are not included in the 2-pet maximum.

  • All pets must be reliably contained within the campsite. Electric barriers that do not require burial of lines are welcome if they can reliably contain pets and do not adversely affect the aesthetics of the campground. A sign denoting any 'invisible' barrier must be posted at the campsite's parking pad.

  • Pets cannot be secured to trees, rocks or any BCB equipment (e.g., pedestals, water lines, septic vents); a reliable leash stake or other structure provided by the guest must be used to secure the pets within the campsite. Containment device must be moved periodically if damage to the lawn becomes evident.

  • Pets taken off a guest’s campsite must be on a solid (e.g., leather, nylon, cotton), non-retractable/extendable leash no more than 6’ long, attached to a collar or harness (preferred) and under the guest’s control at all times.

  • Owners must clean up after pets.

  • Pets are not permitted to venture into other campsites (occupied or not), dig holes, harass wildlife or people, or swim in the pond. Pets cannot be left unattended outside.

  • Aggressive and/or nuisance animals (e.g., barking dogs) are not permitted and will be asked to leave immediately (no warnings).


Campfires and Firewood

Please remember that this is our home and the forest is of the utmost importance to us. The following rules are based on that premise.


  • No outside wood is allowed in the BCB campground. Free firewood is provided based on availability. With the infestation of emerald ash borer beetles, we do not anticipate running out of wood anytime soon. Stems and small logs can be collected for free on-site. We also have a battery operated chainsaw for use by guests (over 18 years of age).

  • Do not cut or otherwise harm any standing trees (dead or alive).

  • Collected wood must be cut with either a hand saw or battery operated chainsaw; no gasoline powered saws.

  • No cutting or collecting wood during quiet hours.


  • Fires in designated fire pits only.

  • No ‘bonfires.’ Please keep fires small, contained and supervised. Do not leave fires or hot coals unattended. Please completely extinguish fires prior to departure.



  • A dumpster is provided for trash at the entrance to the campground.


General Rules

  • No fireworks of any kind.


  • No parking at or traversing through other occupied or unoccupied campsites.


  • Patio mats may be used on gravel or concrete only (not on grass).


  • Speed limit is 10 mph throughout the campground.


  • Footwear must be worn on beaches and in stream.


  • No swimming in the fishpond.

  • All firearms must be kept in locked safes within the guest's camper. Open or concealed carry of firearms is not permitted in the campground.

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